AMPK Activators for Weight Loss

You will not believe it, but studies have shown that weight loss can be easily achieved by turning on a key enzyme in the body that burns fats and turns up the metabolism. The enzyme AMPK which is an acronym for Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase is found in every cell in the body and serves as the body's master regulating switch. This enzyme is essential in determining the body fat composition.

The AMPKActivatoris vital to the human health as it promotes insulin sensitivity and also increases the production of mitochondria.  Mitochondria turn oxygen and food into energy. The activity of AMPK is also tied to the human life expectancy. As one age, the cellular AMPK activation decreases, leading to visceral fat accumulation and loss of muscle mass.  But research has shown that there are many natural ways to enhance the activity of AMPK. This can be through certain dietary strategies and food components. Read on to find some of the natural AMPK activators that hold great promise to the goal of weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract was found to activate AMPK by activating its upstream kinase, LKB1 which helps in the suppression of a cancerous tumour.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

The lipoic acid can activate the AMPKActivator.netin tissues, particularly in the muscle tissue.  The nutrient can also reduce food consumption by suppressing the AMPK in the hypothalamus.


This is a compound found in many plants including vegetables, fruits, and grains. It increases AMPK in fat, muscle, and liver.

Dietary Fiber

Fiber plays a key role in activating AMPK. A unique form of fibre known as glucomannan is more efficient than other types of fibre in enhancing insulin sensitivity and activating AMPK. 

Calorie Restriction

Dietary restriction without malnourishment can effectively increase the level of AMPK, improve cardiac risks factors, improve insulin sensitivity, protect against cancer. 


Nootkatone is found in grapefruit peels and is strong in AMPK  activating action in muscle cells, which in turn promotes glucose and lipid metabolism.  It has also demonstrated enhancing endurance, anti-fatigue effects as well as weight loss, triglycerides reduction, reduction of cholesterol and fat accumulation.


Muscle contraction can stimulate AMPK. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is effective in activating AMPK.  This can be eight briefs of a bout of maybe 30 seconds all out intervals with 90 seconds slow down to a moderate pace.  Learn more about weight loss at


A study has revealed that alcohol extracts of turmeric suppressed body weight, reduced white adipose tissue, decreased triglycerides, as well as reduced cholesterol.  This is was attributed to many mechanisms, and the AMPK activation was one of them.